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Price ranges for yacht charters in Mallorca

Special Offers
Scuba Onboard


From €130,000/week
7 cabins
170 ft
CRN Ancona
16 guests
Refit: 2020
390 Litres/Hr


3 reviews
Scuba Onboard

Il Sole

From €125,000/week
6 cabins
147 ft
12 guests
Refit: 2019
380 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard

Elysium 1

From €105,000/week
5 cabins
109 ft
11 guests
Built: 2019
600 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard


From €91,000/week
3 cabins
155 ft
Royal Huisman
6 guests
Built: 1998
100 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard


From €89,000/week
4 cabins
134 ft
10 guests
Refit: 2019
250 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard


From €75,000/week
3 cabins
150 ft
6 guests
Built: 2019


Scuba Onboard

Paula III

From €75,000/week
5 cabins
120 ft
12 guests
Refit: 2017


Scuba Onboard


From €64,000/week
3 cabins
111 ft
6 guests
Built: 2011


Scuba Onboard

Quid Nunc

From €60,000/week
4 cabins
88 ft
8 guests
Built: 2021
300 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard


From €54,000/week
4 cabins
108 ft
8 guests
Refit: 2018


Scuba Onboard

Baltic Sea

From €53,000/week
4 cabins
93 ft
Jade Yacht Inc, Taiwan
8 guests
Refit: 2022
85 Litres/Hr


Scuba Onboard


From €49,500/week
4 cabins
92 ft
8 guests
Built: 2014
500 Litres/Hr


Yacht charters Mallorca

What yacht charter are you looking for?

Mallorca, the Pleasure Destination of the World

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world. It is best known for its stunning beaches, magnetic history and culture, exotic gastronomy, and a generally cool vibe. If the neighboring Ibiza is the party destination of the world, Mallorca offers a respite in the company of nature and gorgeous waters for the perfect, laid-back yacht sailing experience. We like to call it the “pleasure destination of the world”.

Mallorca (or Majorca) is preferred for its often-calming waters of the Balearic Sea. With over 40 ports including the huge Palma and Alcudia ports that have cutting-edge technology and a holding capacity of several hundreds of boats, Mallorca makes for a great sea travel experience that is unmatched by any in this part of the world.

At Mallorca, you can partake in adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, and cycling. Or stroll through the beautiful meadows and orchards away from the Palma city center. Or explore the world-renowned cultural heritage in the day and local cuisines by night. There is everything for everyone at Mallorca, an island with a welcoming and socializing crowd that attracts the who’s who of Europe and beyond.

Excited and ready to make that trip to Mallorca? Plan a charter today. Explore options or read up more about the fancies that Mallorca offers.

Planning a Yacht Holiday in Mallorca

Mallorca is best enjoyed in your own boat. Thanks to its over 40 well-equipped ports and yacht clubs adorning the charter areas around the island, you can sail from any direction and find a suitable location to drop anchor.

You can choose any of Mallorca’s major ports such as Palma, Alcudia, and d’Andratx. The first two are some of the biggest and busiest ports handled by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands. Naturally, the Palma and Alcudia ports are also used by commercial vessels. Depending upon the size of your boat and your planned itinerary (South Mallorca vs North Mallorca), you can choose your stationing location.

These ports do not just provide a space for you to park your boats but also hobnob with like-minded tourists and adventurists. For instance, the Palma port has Real Club Nautico which attracts some of the biggest celebrities of the world, including Spanish noblepersons. Then there is Club de Mar, perhaps the grooviest place on Earth, with 24-hour bars and restaurants, cutting-edge marine technology, fueling stations, and more.

The port of Alcudia can house nearly 1,000 boats at any given time. It attracts travelers from the Spanish mainland, France, and other European nations. The natural port of d’Andratx lies on the west coast of Mallorca and has a capacity of more than 700 berths.

Together, all the ports on the island are capable of accommodating upwards of 3,000 boats that range in size from as small as 6 meters to upwards of 60 meters. Even large vessels like superyachts, huge motor yachts, and mini-cruises can be moored on this island’s ports.

Alternatively, you can take a ferry or enjoy a cruise from neighboring countries. Many of the world’s top cruise liners have a designated stop at Mallorca, either at the Palma or Alcudia port.

Mallorca Palma beach - dronepicr, Wikipedia

History of Mallorca

It has a vibrant history but not much is known about its earliest inhabitants. In the Neolithic period, island settlements were typically used as burial grounds, and Mallorca was no different. As a result, today it is known for such prehistoric and religious settlements that include necropoli, church ruins, and the like.

Archaeological efforts only began decades later which started contributing to its popularity in Spain and neighboring countries. Due to its geographical uniqueness, Mallorca soon became a tourist hub, with its capital Palma holding the centerstage and Spain calling the shots. Since 1983, Mallorca is governed by the Spanish administration. It is the most populated and also the most prosperous island in the Balearic archipelago. Along with Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera, it makes up the “Balearic Quad”. The two main spoken languages are Catalan and Spanish.


Things of Interest in Mallorca

There is so much to see, explore, and appreciate in Mallorca that a week-long trip may not be enough. This is why we recommend longer-duration charters to our patrons who like to explore the majority of the places, including the ones that are not celebrated in pop culture.

Some notable sights worth visiting and things worth doing in Mallorca are:

  • Valldemossa
  • Puig Major, the highest peak of Mallorca
  • Coves of Sa Calobra and Cap de Formentor
  • Architectural ruins (city of Pollentia)
  • 3,200-year-old well-preserved Bronze Age sword at the Majorca Museum
  • Serra de Tramuntana mountain
  • Nature parks of Mondrago and Albufera
  • Monastery at Valldemosa
  • Palma Mallorca cathedral (La Seu)
  • Bellver castle
  • Palma Aquarium (with the deepest shark tank in Europe)
  • Expansive Roman baths in Campos and Arab baths
  • Prehistoric and Roman remains in Lluchmayor
  • Tombstones and preserved works of notable personalities like Frederic Chopin

The art and music scene of Mallorca is also worthwhile. While the in-vogue electronic dance music (EDM) is more popular in the neighboring party islands, its contagious nature has positively affected Mallorca too. Local museums also run exhibitions of local artists.

You can also check out the nut-rich cuisines of Mallorca. Some of the most popular dishes are sobrassada, coca de Trampo, arros brut, and ensaimada. Herbs de Majorca, a locally produced liquor, can also be found in every bistro menu.

When is the charter season in Mallorca?

The main charter season in Mallorca is over the summer, with the busiest months being July and August. Mallorca is a primary Trans Atlantic hub, with yachts being around all year. Midseason is placed 2-3 months around the summer, starting in late April and ending late September. Different yacht managers will have different season spans, so looking for specific dates for “high season” is pointless without tying the dates to the boat.  Technically, charters are possible all year round, with the winter tourism blooming in recent years. We’re on the island of Mallorca, inquire and let’s find an itinerary and a yacht!

What are the top reasons to charter in Mallorca?

  • the island of Mallorca has many different locations- busy Palma, scenic Mountains, quiet North, dramatic West
  • the temperatures range from 85°F – 100°F
  • many state-of-the-art marinas – main Transatlantic hub
  • Meditteranean food- from light salads to heavy Sobrasada (Iberian pig sausage). Usually centered around fresh fish and seafood, the Mallorca cuisine is quite versatile!
  • wide range of charter prices, as opposed to other locations (suits most budgets)

What is a crewed yacht charter/boat rental in Mallorca

A crewed yacht charter in Mallorca includes a boat, crew, and provisioning services. The prices on this website show the base boat price, not including the value-added tax (VAT) of 21% (usually stated in the yacht details). For crewed yachts, the crew price is included (tips are not required as in the Caribbean, but are expected and supported). Most crewed yachts in Mallorca will ask for an Advance Provisioning Allowance, covering the items that can be expected on a charter (food, drinks, fuel, marina fees, etc). The APA is usually 20% for the catamarans and 30% for the motor yachts. Note that the APA is a transparent cost item and the unused funds are returned at the end.

Most charters on Mallorca are 7 nights and start on a Saturday. The prices in Mallorca are usually per week (unless stated otherwise). Note that a shorter charter will be slightly higher than the fraction of the week. The prices of charters are in Euro (€).

The sailing area of the Balearic is less prone to hurricanes or weather cancellations, nevertheless, trip insurance is always advised.

Top 5 yacht charter areas in Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal place for a 7 days circumnavigation. The most popular areas to charter in Mallorca are:

Palma – the South

A lively, historical and flourishing area. It’s advisable to skip the beaches and go for the cliffs of Cabo Blanco and Es Trenc. Wonderful scenery with sceneries begging for a refreshing swim.

Porto Colom, Porto Cristo

Beautiful coves, with sandy bottom and crystal clear water. Many areas here can’t be easily reached from the land, making them ideal as yacht charter spots. Having a knowledgeable crew is a must.


Watersport paradise, a great place to test the wind-dependent water toys.


Epic sceneries of the huge cliffs with intertwined beaches. An absolute must in Mallorca.


The peaceful area is full of olives. Perhaps a little bit of the French charm causes that many guests stay an extra day.


Close to Palma, a nice mix of some of the high-end marinas like Port Adriano, nice cliffs for sunsets or cliff jumping and local beaches (mostly densely occupied).

Types of yachts available for a charter in Mallorca

We recommend two main types of charters for a yacht charter in Mallorca: crewed charters and captain only charters. Captain only charters are a hands-on experience, where the guests prepare meals and run what happens inside (cleaning, etc). Crewed charters are a hotel like an experience, where the guests can fully relax and all is handled by a competent crew. A mix of the two is possible with a stewardess added to the captain-only charter, nevertheless if the budget permits, the two are really not comparable.

Crewed Charters in Mallorca

The crewed yachts are the hands-off, all taken care of experience. Ideal when the guests want to experience a high-end hotel type of service with professional chefs and the best captains. Only the most experienced captains are selected for a crewed charter and they work like a well-oiled machine with the rest of the crew – chef, stewardess, engineer, etc.

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Captain Only Charter in Mallorca

Captain only yachts are more budget friendly. A skipper is added to a bareboat yacht (although some yachts are Captain Only with no bareboat option), with a possibility to add a stewardess. as they only have a skipper. The difference from a crewed charter is quite considerable because the experience is more improvised. The meals might be much simpler, the service is more hands-on for the guest. It is, nevertheless, a fine option to charter a boat in Mallorca.

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Chartering sailing yachts

Sailing yachts are a great choice for Mallorca, as the west and south of the islands are quite windy year round. Especially the afternoon breeze in the Bay of Alcudia is well renowned and sought after by windsurfers and kitesurfers alike. The wind for the most part stable and quite predictable and the swells are not as bad as in some other Mediterranean locations.

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Chartering motor yachts

Motor yachts are ideal because there is a huge selection of the boats. Since Mallorca is a large island, the huge Bay of Palma with the surrounding areas of mixed sandy beaches and huge rock formations are just the perfect place for many owners to keep their yachts year long. Many of the yachts are not available publicly, it’s always best to inquire and get the offer for your specific dates.

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Catamarans are a family friendly boat with two hulls and large size of the deck. In Mallorca, they are perfect because they have a shallow draft and can easily anchor in one of the many bays around the island. Simply anchor close to secluded caves, lower the platform, explore the area, try the water toys – a perfect family vacation.

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