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Puerto de Palma Nova

Puerto de Palma Nova is a charter location in Mallorca – South, a yacht charter area in Mallorca.

The anchorages on Puerto de Palma Nova:

Playa de Palma Nova
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Playa de Magaluf
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Cala Vina
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South of Cabo Falco
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Isla del Sech
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Portals Vells
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Cala Figuera
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Cala Raco de Sa Fragat
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Puerto de Palma Nova Overview

Palma Nova is a small yet lively harbor located southwest of Palma de Mallorca and just a few kilometers west of Puerto Portals. It is not as active and busy as its neighbors, but that is compensated by the popularity that it receives due to the Magaluf holiday destination and proximity to the Mallorca capital.

The harbor also suffers from silting that obstructs the entrance and impedes boat activity. As a result, it only caters to small boats that can hold the bed with a depth of less than a meter. Off late, dredging work has made it more approachable. But we still recommend visiting via a charter service and not sailing on your own without prior bookings.

Palmanova, as it is sometimes known, is parallel to the arterial highway of Mallorca and houses numerous villas, resorts, and shopping centers within a stone’s throw from the shore. The Magaluf resort town that lies to the southwest of the harbor boasts of an enviable nightlife, a 24-hour shopping experience, and long beaches that don’t easily get crowded. This makes it a preferred parking area for many tourists who prefer economical accommodation as compared to Palma and Puerto Portals but still want to enjoy the hallmark nightlife of Mallorca.

However, there are no official berths for yachts at the marina or any of its eight known anchorages. You have to make do with any available berths managed by locals or park ashore at any of the anchorages.

Navigation and Anchoring

If you are sailing from the west, we recommend rounding Punta de Cala Figuera and passing Isla de Sech and Punta de la Porrasa. You will see Puerto de Palma Nova at the north as you cruise adjacent to its most popular beach, Playa de Palmanova, on the left.

Round Cabo Blanco from the east side to see Palmanova at the north end of Bahia de Palma beach. You will pass Punta Negra while on the northwesterly course.

Due to heavy silting and poor dredging work (caused by a lack of proper administration), there is no recommended anchoring suggestion in the harbor. You may moor anywhere to the south end and drop anchor 1-3 meters over sand. There are no official berths that can be booked but you may find made-up ones. You can try parking in any vacant berth but make sure you inform the harbor office.

Note – Harbor office is closed on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We recommend renting our charter services if you want to sail to this harbor or its nearby anchorages. Alternatively, you may call Club Nautico and get an update on the current situation. The sand silting will make it difficult to park or even enter the harbor. The water is muddy and navigation without a depth sounder is not recommended. The speed limit in the harbor is 2kn.

Sea front of Palmanova - Kieranace, Wikimedia
A hotel in Palmanova - Liilia Moroz, Wikimedia
Calvia in Mallorca - Wikimedia

History of Puerto de Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a town administrated by the municipality of Calvia. It is known to be one of the first purpose-built tourist destinations in the world. According to online texts, the port was built on an old farm called Ses Planes. However, the development was obstructed by the Spanish Civil War. Moreover, the silting issue has reduced its appeal among sailing travelers who prefer to enter via the neighboring ports and anchorages instead.

Palma Nova is the second-most populated settlement in Calvia.

The popular Playa de Magaluf beach - ABC Mallorca

Places of Interest In and Around Puerto de Palma Nova

Palmanova is perhaps best known as a pit stop on the way to the Magaluf holiday area. Known for its entrancing nightlife and upscale shopping complex, Magaluf is one of the hottest tourist destinations in all of Mallorca. It consists of two magnificent water parks, several sprawling villas and resorts, plush bars and restaurants, and an altogether hip vibe suited for honeymooners, families, and solo travelers. If Palma and Puerto Portals are known for their luxurious harbor, Palmanova’s humble harbor gets you quick access to this renowned resort town.

We recommend either parking at an available berth on the harbor or sail to Playa de Magaluf, the closest anchorage to the town.

Other places of interest are the beaches of de Son Maties, Es Carregador, and Palma Nova. These beaches are hubs for a variety of water sports such as windsurfing, banana rides, and pedal boats.

El mago, one of the most prominent nudist beaches near the port - Mallorca Tourist Guide
The beautiful Palma nova seafront - Liilia Moroz, Wikimedia
Blue waters of Portals Vells - ABC Mallorca


Despite its silting issue, Palmanova has decent provisioning and other essential facilities. Here’s a short list of harbor facilities:

  • Water taps by the harbor
  • Supermarkets and shops by the harbor
  • Electricity (220v AC)
  • Fuel (stations on the highway towards Palma)
  • Repairs by the slipway
  • Yacht club – Club Nautico Palma Nova
  • Banks and medical services nearby

Cabs and bus services to nearby areas are available for internal transit.

People sunbathing at Magaluf beach - Liilia Moroz, Wikimedia

    Yachts available in Puerto de Palma Nova


    From €85,000/week
    3 cabins
    99 ft
    Nautor Swan
    6 guests
    Refit: 2021
    32 Litres/Hr




    From €65,000/week
    4 cabins
    98 ft
    Custom Built Aluminum Cutter
    8 guests
    Built: 2020
    100 Litres/Hr


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