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Cala Figuera is an anchorage in Puerto de Palma Nova.

Puerto de Palma Nova is a charter location in Mallorca – South, a yacht charter area in Mallorca.

The anchorages on Puerto de Palma Nova:

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is an isolated anchorage located to the southwestern tip of Mallorca and north of Punta de Cala Figuera. An isolated cliff-type cala, it has a few houses on the edges that are owned by locals. Accommodation may or may not be available depending upon the season you travel in.

You can anchor near the beach of Platja de Cala Figuera that has a rocky seabed. Swimmers and water sports enthusiasts (using their own equipment) can have a peaceful stop here.

Note – We don’t recommend staying here for more than a few hours as accommodation is difficult and it gets isolated by evening.

A Note About Punta de Cala Figuera

If you sail farther towards the north around the cliff, you will see a white lighthouse with black diagonal strips atop Punta de Cala Figuera. You may sail around the cliff to enter and experience a trail hike to the lighthouse.

Also known as Faro de Cala Figuera (due to the lighthouse), it is a must-visit place as it gives a spectacular view of the sea and Palma from the southwestern edge of Mallorca. The lighthouse itself is a thing of marvel (that may or may not allow entry). The trail from the lighthouse towards the village town is preferred by nature hikers and adventurists. It’s also a great place for photography.

Cala Figuera peninsula in Calvia - Rafael Ortega Diaz, Wikimedia
Faro de Cala Figuera lighthouse - Rafael Ortega Diaz, Wikimedia
Torre Cala Figuera in Calvia - Rafael Ortega Diaz, Wikimedia

Mooring at Cala Figuera

Anchoring suggestion is 9 meters into the rocky and sandy seabed. It is entirely open to north and northeast winds. Sailing to the anchorage is easy but finding a good place to park can be difficult. It doesn’t have proper markings or tags to guide you.

Note – This anchorage is not to be confused with the anchorage with the same name located to the southeast of Palma.

Provisioning and Services

Local makeshift shops may sell marine essentials and eatables but that’s about it. There is no quay or yacht-related services. You are mostly on your own in this anchorage if you are not a chartered vessel.

Due to a lack of administration, the anchorage is considered one of the dirtiest in this side of Mallorca. Lots of litter gathered inside the cove, both from the sea as well as tourists.

If you are planning to visit the Punta de Cala Figuera, make sure you park your boat properly and inform the designated official nearby. You can either walk or take a local cab to the entrance path of the lighthouse.

    Yachts available in Cala Figuera

    Jetskis: 2


    From €130,000/week
    7 cabins
    170 ft
    CRN Ancona
    16 guests
    Refit: 2020
    390 Litres/Hr


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