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Playa de Magaluf is an anchorage in Puerto de Palma Nova.

Puerto de Palma Nova is a charter location in Mallorca – South, a yacht charter area in Mallorca.

The anchorages on Puerto de Palma Nova:

Playa de Magaluf

The anchorage of Playa de Magaluf is characterized by a long beach and is tucked in behind Isla de Porrasa (Black Lizard Island). Both the island and anchorage shore can be used for temporary anchoring.

It is a great parking spot for couples and solo travelers. The 900-meter golden sandy beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award for water quality, something that it only shares with Palmanova beach in South Mallorca. Both summers and winters are prime tourism seasons, with a mix of both young and old flocking the beach and nearby areas.

Top view of Magaluf - Chixoy, Wikimedia
The popular Playa de Magaluf beach - ABC Mallorca
People sunbathing at Magaluf beach - Liilia Moroz, Wikimedia
Magaluf beach lined with the villas and resorts - Rafael Ortega Diaz, Wikipedia

A Note on Magaluf

The anchorage acts as the best entry point to the resort town of Magaluf (or Magalluf). It is a deluxe holiday area with rapturing shopping complexes, busy nightlife, expansive resorts and hotels, and an array of beach bars, shacks, and restaurants that line the main beach. Known for its package holidays, the anchorage is always busy but the peak season arrives in July and ends by September. Most of the nightly activities happen on the white sandy Magaluf Beach that you enter from.

Notably, the beach area attracts adventurous tourists who like to engage in water sports and swimming challenges. A popular yet dangerous challenge among locals and tourists involves swimming to the Black Lizard Island (400 meters from the beachfront) and back.

You should also know that Magaluf is notoriously called “Shagaluf” in British popular culture due to its extremely low prices of alcohol and fast food. To avoid getting involved in crowds engaged in binge-drinking, we recommend sticking to water sports and exploring the nearby places of interest. When you charter with us, we help you steer clear of the tipplers and focus only on the crème de la crème of this Calvia town. This means staying away from The Strip, also known as Punta Balena. If you are traveling with kids, we highly recommend using a charter as Magaluf is more known as an unrestrained party destination.

Other major attractions near the anchorage include the Western Water Park with its share of death-defying rides, the aqua theme park Marineland, the upside-down mansion of House of Kathmandu Theme Park, the 54-hole golf course at Golf Fantasia.

Golf Fantasia golf course - See Mallorca

Mooring at Playa de Magaluf

You can anchor in 2-5 meters into the sandy bed with some rocks scattered. Holding isn’t great, but you can choose between the Porrasa island or the beachfront. There is a submarine cable that runs southeast from the middle of the bay.

Extreme caution is suggested as the beachfront is often filled with novice sailors and swimmers.

Provisioning and Services

The beach has several bars, restaurants, cafes, and provisioning stores lined to help you fill up your inventory. There is no quay or pontoon on the anchorage, so don’t expect refueling or beach-side assistance.

You can also rent sunbeds, parasols, and hammocks at the beach to enjoy a temporary rest stop.

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